Monday, August 16, 2010

Heaven welcomes two more

I read in the news today about the poor little boys that died in a Sc river still strapped into their car seats. The mother left the scene but says it was an accident. How could anyone leave their children in the car like that? I would have been fighting to get them out of their seats with every breath that I had. When it comes to my boys there is nothing I wouldn't give up to see them happy and healthy. I would lay down my own life for them without a second thought about it. All mothers have a bond with their children, how could you walk away from that? Tonight I'll be praying for the Duley brothers and their family.

The Light Wraps You by Pablo Neruda
The light wraps you in its mortal flame.
Abstracted pale mourner, standing that way
against the old propellers of the twighlight
that revolves around you.

Speechless, my friend,
alone in the loneliness of this hour of the dead
and filled with the lives of fire,
pure heir of the ruined day.

A bough of fruit falls from the sun on your dark garment.
The great roots of night
grow suddenly from your soul,
and the things that hide in you come out again
so that a blue and palled people
your newly born, takes nourishment.

Oh magnificent and fecund and magnetic slave
of the circle that moves in turn through black and gold:
rise, lead and possess a creation
so rich in life that its flowers perish
and it is full of sadness.

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