Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Baby Maker

A few posts ago I was against having another child. Well I'm 16weeks preggo with our third now. This pregnancy has been rough so far, to say the least. I have so much pressure on me to have a little girl, but to be honest the chances of that are slim. My morning sickness has gone well into the second trimester now. The only way I'm keeping anything down is with the help of medicine. Then I get a call from my doctors office letting me know my lab results were back. I have hypothyroidism and have to take synthoid once a day. My thyroid is underactive and is not making enough thyroxine. Synthroid is suppose to be a replacement for the hormones that my body isn't naturally making. I've been looking at symptoms for hypothyroidism, I thought everything I was feeling was because of the pregnancy. My husband is worried about how this will all effect me. Right now I'm just trying to be patient and learn as much as I can about this disease and how to live with it.

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