Friday, November 12, 2010

Just say Thank You

We spend a lot of time teaching our children manners. Saying please, thank you and excuse me are just a few of the things I remind my boys to say almost daily. I find it disturbing that so many adults lack simple manners. How often do we do nice things for our friends and they forget to say two simple words? I don't expect anything from my friends, because the majority of them are not the kind of people you can depend on. So for the few friends I have the are always there to help and do more than just take take take.... I have decided to do a little special something for them this holiday season. I want to send them a little extra something with a thank you card to let them know that I really appreciate their friendship. It always makes me feel good to know that I have those couple friends that do worry about how I am doing, and how our boys are. The kind of friends that listen intently when I talk and truely care about what is going on in my life. There is just never enough ways to say thank you to them.

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